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09 Feb

Words of Love... Italian Style

Buon San ValentinoWell, it's Valentine's Day again, amici. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to use some Italian romantic phrases with your tesoro? The beauty of the Italian language seems the perfect mood-setter for romantic encounters. Where to start?

Here is some basic romantic Italian vocabulary you can start using today!

Let's start with love...

Love = Amore (ah-MO-reh)

My love = Amore mio (ah-MO-reh MEE-oh)

My treasure = Tesoro (teh-SO-roh)

I love you... In Italian, there are two ways to say, "I love you." 

This one is strictly romantic: I love you. = Ti amo. (tee AH-moh)

For friends and everyone else, you can use: I love you. = Ti voglio bene. (tee VOHL-yoh BEH-neh)

Here are some Italian compliments (these always come in handy):

You are beautiful.  = Sei bella.

You are so beautiful.  = Sei bellissima.

If she liked those, she will love this one:

You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. = Sei la donna più bella che io abbia mai visto.

You are handsome. = Sei bello.

You are so handsome. = Sei bellissimo.

What about finding out if someone is available (that's always helpful!):

Are you available? (to a woman or a man) = Sei disponibile?

Are you married? (to a woman) = Sei sposata?

Are you married? (to a man) = Sei sposato?

Are you free tonight? (to a woman) = Sei libera stasera?

Are you free tonight? (to a man) = Sei libero stasera?

When can I see you? = Quando ti posso vedere?

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Happy Valentine's Day! = Buon San Valentino!



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