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"This Italian audio course series is brilliant... Already feel confident that I will be able to do more than just tourist Italian when I go there in a few months time." — Gabriel Diamond, West Los Angeles, CA, USA

About Us

Benvenuti! Welcome!

Here is a little info about Let's Learn Italian!, our founders and our voices...

Who we are & What we do:

Meet Serena and Chantal...

 Chantal Fidanza (on the right) is an Italian-American with a lifelong love of the Italian language. She had the pleasure of teaching Italian in Cleveland's Little Italy for  11-1/2 years and continues her life-long love affair with the Italian  language and a passion for helping students learn Italian in the easiest,  most effective and fun way possible through her Let's Learn Italian! audio  courses. The initial spark for her passion for Italian came from her first Italian teacher, her beloved Nonna, a native of Livorno, Italy, whose Italian wisdom you will hear featured on Let's Learn Italian's audio courses. One of her biggest  thrills is in sharing this beautiful language with others by sharing the tools and "shortcuts" she has learned throughout the years and continues to refine that make learning to speak Italian not just much easier and always a lot fun, but completely doable. A Cleveland, Ohio, native, she currently lives in Santa Fe, NM, with her husband and her bilingual son, Maurizio. 
Serena Zigoli (on the left) who was born in Italy and resides there with her husband and daughter, Viola, is the bright new voice that gives additional life the the real spoken language in recent Let's Learn Italian! albums. She has been "speaking" alongside Chantal for the past two years, using her best authentic Tuscan pronunciation! Ironically, Serena's voice originates in none-other than the great city of Livorno, hometown to Chantal's famous "Nonna" who inspired this project. Chantal and Serena found each other by pure chance while consulting links about Livorno on Facebook, and have been working together ever since. Given that Serena's background is in Communication and Computer Science, she embraced the opportunity to share her skills and her passion for her language in this innovative way. Serena has been an avid fan of both all things U.S. and the great power of language, and has been lucky to combine them in her work.
Meet Nonna... a native of Livorno, Italy, who just happens to be the premiere featured "guest" on Let's Learn Italian audio courses and Chantal's actual grandmother. As one listener eloquently describes, "Bless her. Talking ten to the dozen and not suffering fools lightly." Nonna can be heard chopping vegetables, spouting Italian proverbs and threatening to kick us out of her kitchen throughout the Beginner's Set, as well as in Funny Italian Phrases & Idioms including in Let's Learn Italian! Deluxe, and in Easy Italian for Travel included in Let's Learn Italian, Basic and many other of our Audio Courses. Need some Italian humor? Hang out with Nonna with us. Some Italian wisdom? How about some good Italian cooking? Come on over. But don't be late for cena, she means business. You won't be disappointed.
Meet Maurizio and Viola... two more Italian voices you will hear on Let's Learn Italian audio courses. Maurizio can be heard giving his mother trouble on the Toddler album, included in the Let's Learn Italian, Deluxe Set and Viola can be heard brushing her teeth, refusing to take a bath and feeding the cat in our Vocabulary Set, also included in Let's Learn Italian, Deluxe. All in Italian! You may also hear some of Viola's musical talent in our sound effects. Bimbi bellissimi!
GangsterMeet Rocco... another voice on Let's Learn Italian! audio courses who can be heard taking care of business in Let's Learn Italian, Deluxe. He's got some people he calls family. He's got some people he calls friends. He's got an important meeting on the agenda. He's also late for lunch at his mother's. He'd like to tell you about it. Just make sure whatever you hear you "fuggetaboutit" and keep it zipped.
DISCLAIMER: The photo shown may or may not be the actual "Rocco" heard in Let's Learn Italian!'s audio courses. Just to keep the record straight. 
Enough about us! Let's talk about you. What are your goals with Italian? What are your motivations? To enjoy a trip to Italy? To become fluent in Italian? Are you a a complete beginner in Italian or are you nearly fluent? What we love most is helping others learn Italian and making doing so as approachable as possible. Whether you are just starting out in Italian or have been around the Italian language block for a while, we want to help you take that first or next step in Italian. We know how busy you are. We also know how tough it can be to learn a foreign language. Our audio courses are designed to be used without a book... just as a child would learn his or her native language: listen and repeat. We focus a lot on the verbs. Mastering Italian verbs is key to being able to express yourself in Italian... AND we want to make it FUN. We know that when learning is fun, learning is easy!
We want to hear from you! Please give us your feedback. We LOVE to hear from you. Your feedback helps us continue to improve our courses and offer you more of what you need. Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback in the past and we look forward to hearing more. Comments, questions, ideas for new audio courses, feedback? Please feel free to contact us at Contact Us!

A presto, amici! (Hear) you soon, friends!

XOXO Chantal & Serena