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"This Italian audio course series is brilliant... Already feel confident that I will be able to do more than just tourist Italian when I go there in a few months time." — Gabriel Diamond, West Los Angeles, CA, USA



Q I hear that learning a foreign language is difficult for older people, what is your experience?
Having taught Italian to people of all ages for many years, we find that the biggest challenge to learning a language as an older person is this very belief! The key is to stick with it, focus on listening and finding opportunities to practice what you hear, and do a little bit every day. 10 minutes per day is more effective for most people than a one-hour session per week. Patience also helps! And most importantly, make sure you are having fun.

Q What are your tips for learning Italian quickly and easily?
Keep in mind that "quickly" is relative! I see courses that promise to teach a foreign language in a few weeks or even 10 days. Wow! Go for it. I'd love to see that. My objective is to help people learn Italian as quickly as possible, realizing that it is a commitment. My focus is on what brings the most "return" for your study time. That, to me, is the time saver. To do that, I absolutely recommend finding a ways to immerse yourself in the sound and rhythm of Italian. If you can travel to Italy, wonderful. Conversing with Italian friends or relatives, perfect. Italian music, movies, great! Italian classes, conversation groups, I recommend all of it. To supplement all of those things, and to help get you to a point where those things are more effective, I highly recommend finding an audio course that you enjoy, ours or anyone else's or several, and listen, listen, listen! In the Let's Learn Italian! courses, we repeat each Italian phrase or sentence twice with time for you to repeat and practice what you hear in the privacy of your own home or car. We also focus on the highest-frequency Italian vocabulary and phrases, building and reinforcing them lesson by lesson. Another key to making learning Italian easy for me is whatever method you choose, make sure you are having fun!

Q I’m not good at languages, can I learn to speak Italian?
YES! As in the question above, learning a new language (or not) has more to do with our belief that we can or we can't than probably anything else. A lot of the difficulty also has to do with the way we were taught languages in school (at least in the US) where the focus in not on listening and speaking, but rather on reading and writing, and most of us never really got a chance to gain confidence in our ear and our ability to "think on our feet" in our second language.

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