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"This Italian audio course series is brilliant... Already feel confident that I will be able to do more than just tourist Italian when I go there in a few months time." — Gabriel Diamond, West Los Angeles, CA, USA

Features & Benefits

Benvenuti! Welcome!
Thank you for visiting our site. We are dedicated to helping YOU learn Italian in the Easiest, Most Effective and FUN way possible.

Here are some of the FEATURES & BENEFITS of Let's Learn Italian Audio Courses:

  • Convenience. Learn Italian at home, in your car or on the go. No book necessary. Listen and repeat.
  • Learn Italian More Quickly. Who has lots of extra time to learn Italian? (And, No, we will not promise that you will learn Italian in 10 days!) We focus on what you REALLY need to learn to be able to start speaking Italian. This means learning Italian in less time with less effort. 
  • Learn Italian More Easily. Yes, learning a language does take some work! We will be the first ones to break the news to you. But why make it more difficult than it has to be? Our goal is to offer you lessons that will not waste your time, but rather maximize your "listening time" for your return. We know what to present and what to focus on, as well as what to leave out to give you the most progress for your listening time. 
  • Great for Beginners, Advanced, and Anyone In Between! Whatever your current level of Italian language knowledge, Let's Learn Italian audio courses will help you take the next step with your Italian.
  • We make it FUN to Learn Italian. This may be the most important benefit! We know how much work learning Italian, or any language, can be! If you are not having fun while you learn Italian, it becomes a chore, and you are tempted to simply give up. It isn't easy to present Italian grammar and especially those monotonous Italian verbs (did we say that?) in a fun and engaging way, but we make it our challenge and our passion! We also know that if WE are not having fun helping you to learn Italian, how can you?
  • Affordability. Our goal is not for you to break the bank. Our goal is for you to LOVE Let's Learn Italian! Audio Courses because you have enjoyed the benefit of having learned Italian from them. While Let's Learn Italian! Audio Courses are offered on myriad download stores such as iTunes and Amazon.com, we offer packages on our web site an enormous discounts to make our courses even more affordable for you.
  • Written Study Guide Transcripts. Thank you all who have requested that we start offering these! While written study guides are not needed, we have begun offering them with our audio courses by request. We currently have study guides available for our Beginning Audio Course with others soon to be available.
  • Format Options. Available Fast, Easy Downloads or Cd format.

"...A total immersion approach which gets you speaking the language from the word go..." — Gabriel Diamond, West Los Angeles, CA, USA 

"I recommend the Let's Learn Italian series to all who want to learn to speak the language." — Ellen Hunt, French & Spanish instructor, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA 

"I love your Italian courses, and that says a lot because I've purchased just about every Italian audiobook that iTunes offers!" — Michael Jamin, Los Angeles, CA, USA 

"Thank you LLI. You're doing an AMAZING job!! Keep on! — Marie Pascal, CAMEROON