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"This Italian audio course series is brilliant... Already feel confident that I will be able to do more than just tourist Italian when I go there in a few months time." — Gabriel Diamond, West Los Angeles, CA, USA


What satisfied speakers have to say about Let's Learn Italian!
Soren Martens"I have bought the beginners course for iPhone of "Let's Learn Italian" and I am a very   happy user willing to be a reference… I have had to learn 4 languages already, and       Italian is my fifth language. I have tried all different language courses. The pedagogic  way of Chantal Fidanza is the best way to learn Italian. Trust me. -Buona fortuna."
  — Soren Martens, Managing director Fish Pool ASA, The International Salmon Exchange NORWAY 
"I recommend the Let's Learn Italian series to all who want to learn to speak the language."Ellen Hunt, French & Spanish instructor, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA  
"This Italian audio course series is brilliant. After starting Volume I of the beginner's Italian language course I immediately bought the rest of it from the company. Everything... even "Teach Your Toddler Italian". It is a total immersion approach which gets you speaking the Italian language from the word go... Already feel confident that I will be able to do more than just tourist Italian when I go there in a few months time." Gabriel Diamond, West Los Angeles, CA, USA
"This is without question one of the most useful and practical sources on learning Italian that you're likely to find."Robert J. Petrarca, "Roberto", Cleveland, OH, USA 
Michael Jamin"I thought your sections on idiomatic expressions for "ne" and "ci were terrific. In fact, the other day I was writing on Facebook to an  old friend of mine who now lives in Italy. And he wrote to me, "Ci  pensiamo domani." And I got a big smile on my face because I  had just learned that phrase from you! More of those would be  great… Anyhow, thanks for getting back to me. Your course is  terrific. Grazie mille." — Michael J., Los Angeles, USA
"Chantal's immersion technique is definitely the best way to learn the language; she'll have you making full sentences in no time!!!" Mrs. J. Russo, Columbus, Ohio, USA
 "Thank you LLI. You're doing an AMAZING job!! Keep on!" Marie Pascal, CAMEROON
Joe Russo"Hi Chantal! Words cannot express what a blast it has been learning to speak Italian from you. I have met countless people over my life, and the glow you bring to our class weekly radiates in all of us. For years learning to speak Italian was always at the top of my I wish I could list. It is so unbelievable that after 5 short weeks you have me doing it. I am a far way away from fluent conversation, but with your coaching I actually understand most of what is spoken or written. From the bottom of my heart if I was dropped into the heart of Italy, I feel confident enough to converse as well. Your Learn to Speak Italian course is truly one of the jewels of Little Italy! In this tough economy you have made learning Italian affordable for all. Not to mention those great learning CDs you have available, they also have played a big part in getting me to where I am at now. The CDs provide reinforcement for what is discussed in class, and driving around the streets of Cleveland I feel like I have a family member is in my car personally teaching me all the time. Your CDs cover everything! I really love the "Romantic Italian" that any self-respecting macho male of Italian descent needs to have…" — Joe Russo, Cleveland, OH, USA 
"Customer service is excellent. Nothing seems to be a problem. You feel like they want to help you get to grips with Italian and they go the extra mile." Gabriel Diamond, West Los Angeles, CA, USA